Reolink 4K solar – camera series

Reolink is now adding 4K Ultra HD images to its renowned solar-powered security cameras.

[4K solar] camera series including:

WiFi Argus series: Argus PT Ultra, Argus 3 Ultra, and Argus Eco Ultra

Zwiększ zasięg Twojej sieci Wi-Fi

4G Go series: Go PT Ultra

Reolink 4K solar

Key Highlights:

  1. Reolink 4K solar-powered cameras deliver high-resolution images or videos
  2. Reolink Solar Panel 2 is for quicker and more reliable solar-charging and green home security commitment. This new 6W solar panel gives the camera enough power for 24-hour operation (up to 30 alarm events per day) with only one hour of direct sunlight.
  3. Reolink 4K solar cameras versatile functions:
  • 4K Solar+ [ 5/2.4GHz WiFi ]: 4K Streams, No Delay (Argus PT Ultra, Argus 3 Ultra, and Argus Eco Ultra)
  • 4K Solar+ [ 4G Network ]: 4K Video of Any Place (Go PT Ultra)
  • 4K Solar+ [ Pan/Tilt ]: 360° View in Ultra HD (Argus PT Ultra, Go PT Ultra)
  • 4K Solar+ [ Spotlights]: 4K Color Night Vision (Argus PT Ultra, Argus 3 Ultra, Argus Eco Ultra, and Go PT Ultra)
  1. Others: These cameras are featured with smart human/vehicle/animal detection functions and a Type-C charging port.

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