Speedcheck: Mobile Data – The Price of Speed

Speedcheck published our latest study into the relationship between the price of mobile data and the speeds at which the carriers actually deliver that data.

Test TP-Link Archer AX73 – router Wi‑Fi 6 AX5400 dla biura i domu

The results are expressed in unique Speed-Price-Index (SPI), which ranks countries globally based on the value for money consumers are actually getting – with quite surprising results.

Here are a few insights:

  • Top 3 countries with the highest SPI: Israel, Italy, and Fiji
  • USA, Japan, Germany not even in the TOP 25
  • High speeds at low prices are definitely in the minority – only found in 14 countries.
  • Only 24 countries even reach an SPI value above the global average.

You can read the full report here:

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